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When is a charity shop more than just a shop?

When its @twentyone

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Having moved to its new premises in June, our shop is in many ways like other charity shops.  

We take in items people no longer need or wants and we sell to those who could give them a second lease of life.   Its good for people.  Its especially good for the environment as reusing goes a long to way to preventing landfill waste and addressing some elements of climate change. 

But there's more.

@twentyone and The Community Bureau are committed to helping other groups in the area by sharing the surplus profits to other small groups locally

But that's not all

Over the year we've been told one of the biggest issues facing local people is they are feel they don't get to meet new people.  Perhaps friends and family have moved away or people just can't find others with shared interests.

Therefore part of this shop is being used as a community space where people can come together to do things they enjoy.  It could be you like dominoes, playing cards, have an interest in music?  What ever the interest the chances are there are people just like you feeling just the same thing.  

So let us know and we'll provide the space and even a cup of tea / coffee and get you set up doing something you love. 

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